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Created my first logo on fiverr FREE OF COST!


Hi I have just created my first logo that is also free of cost , if you need that too just comment your business name , i will create your logo


this is the logo I just created


Bro, stop doing free work. If you want to do free work so bad, then open a charity at your home. Don’t ruin the marketplace, please :expressionless:


Buddy I am not ruining anybody’s business , That will help me in making my portfolio


Create your own portfolio and try to market it.


I Want To Host Your Website

Try a logo if you are up to it.


Really?? :grinning: 20 bla bla bla


In the manner of constructive criticism, I think you need a lot more experience before charging for this service. I’d recommend taking the time to research things such as kerning, font types, design symmetry to name a few.