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Created Some More Gigs

Hello All,

I am still not getting anyone to buy my gigs. I did create some more because there are two additional courses that I am currently taking. Please let me know what you think and what I need to improve on.

If you are not getting orders I suggest you should give sometime in sending buyers request as fast as possible and should promote your gig on every social media platform It will increase your views, impressions and you may get chance to get your first order.

I don’t want to promote myself on Facebook. Should LInkedIn Do? What about Twitter?

I did try to promote my gigs on Social Media, and I still get no response. Now what?

Did you make all the gigs?
You must make 7 gigs.

Yes, I did and still no one wants to buy. Social Media doesn’t work. Now What? Is there a problem with me explaining my gigs or what? No one wants to buy what I have to offer. I don’t think that I am the only person on Fiverr with this problem either. I don’t know how I can stand out from other people offering the same things. That’s the problem.

Hey midnightstarr, The unique key of sucess is time, so wait, keep share your gigs, keep learn skill, keep send offers. I have received my first order after 4 months…

Good Luck!

Thanks for your suggestion. However, it’s been a three days and still no one wants to buy my gigs. I’ve been on Fiverr for years and I have zero people who want to hire me. This is a big problem. I know that we are in a Pandemic. I’ve been laid off since April and I want to work. There should be alternative ways to get work here on Fiverr. Promoting it on Social Media doesn’t work. I’ve tried the Fiverr groups on Facebook and the only response that I get are people showing their own gigs.

I’m still not getting any request for me to get paid. Here is a sample of one gig. What is wrong with this? Am I missing something here? What keywords do I need to get more people to respond? No one wants to respond to this on Social Media anyway.