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Created Third GIG But Still Not Recived Order

I Will create WordPress website or do WordPress customization
Checkout This

Wait , brother. Plz, try on and on.:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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Ok @intekhab12
Thanks man

Why create a gig that has thousands of competitors?


Yes i know fiverr has thousands of sellers

That isn’t what I said. Why would I say that?

There are thousands of gigs on Fiverr doing what you do. That is a good way to guarantee you won’t get sales.


@humanissocial you are right it’s hard to get first sale on fiverr

It’s sale, not sell.

And it is hard to get sales for competitive things in general, not just the first sale. I said nothing about the first sale.


I am new here so i don’t know too much i understand what you want to say i try to do something new

@humanissocial is right…i was facing the problem and i got my first order after 2 months…then i made my gig a bit unique and different from other sellers…


Don’t worry…just don’t lose hope and patience…

When I got my first order it was cancelled because of bad quality service( the client said) And that order came to me around 3month later of opening my first gig.
Now i already delivered 17 order with 4.9 rating…

Find out how you can make your gig different from your competitor and follow the instruction of fiverr about making a gig.!

Don’t lose hope!

Happy journey!



Good for you! That’s great. Thanks for sharing.