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Creating a custom Gig


I was always able to create a custom gig from a conversation with a buyer in my inbox. With the change how do I create a custom gig now?


If you have the new message inbox you can still create a custom order.


Hi. Can you tell me where I need to click? I don’t see an option to create one anywhere. Thanks.


If you click on your message with another user, it’ll take you to the new inbox. Just below the section where you can write your responses to the seller, there’s a section that’s called ‘make an offer’. Then the options to create a custom offer will come up as usual.


Oh, that’s weird! It should be next to the paperclip. You should probably contact customer service for more information and to see whether this can be reinstated.


Am using the new fiverr app. To creat an offer click between send and attachment…
Here is an attachment sample


It should say create an offer next to the little paper clip.