Creating a Facebook page for Fiverr?


I created a page for on my Facebook for my Fiverr gig’s… Now my question is, how to get people to see it other than sharing with my friends? Advice on this is much appreciated!


Reply to @madmoo: Thank you for the great advice! I was not really sure whether or not it would really work out well because of the not being allowed to work outside of Fiverr. I had read that some people do have them and thought it would at least be a start.

I don’t quite understand how LinkedIn works to be perfectly honest… I made an account, but haven’t logged in since looking around the first couple of days.

Also, why doesn’t it allow us to link to Facebook, if it had me associate my Fiverr account with my Facebook account? I hadn’t really considered buying page likes… I had assumed they would be fake, they just make the number look good and what good is that really?


I too have a Facebook page dedicated to my Fiverr starred gigs. Meaning that I do not only promote my own gigs, but I post gigs I already have in my collections. These are either awesome services/ items/ products, or gigs of sellers one can describe as ‘one of a kind’ (personality, positive energy, talent etc). My page is still not crowded, although I have connected with other pages dedicated to Fiverr, and to the official one of course. It is most a gallery and an easy way for me to recommend what I like on Fiverr to others. It is easy to find, as madmoo said, as I also use the same name.

Anyway, even if Fiverr allowed that, I don’t think I would really like to contact anyone outside of Fiverr. This place here looks more safe for web transactions and I am satisfied.

About buying likes, all my friends who have done so and bought 1.000 likes or so are disappointed as a week or so later the likes started vanishing. But maybe there are real likes one can buy. Maybe if you see someone selling 10 or 50 likes or so. That would probably mean he will ask his real friends to like you. I suppose… :slight_smile: