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Creating a Gig as a Seller at fiverr

A gig is a task, service, or product you offer in the fiverr marketplace. There are just over 3 million gigs offered at How in the world are you to stand out in the sea of 3 million? You be yourself! I know, it sounds generic and uninformative, but trust me, offer that gig in the way only you can!

I’m not the only graphic designer on fiverr by a long shot, but the way I title my gig’s garner the attention of potential buyers, and I’ve been able to stand out from the crowd because of that. E.g. Instead of offering “SEO consultation services for $5”, consider offering “cutting edge SEO techniques with 24 hour results!”. You are considered a “seller” so it’s important to “sell” your task, product or service because “buyers” are looking to buy what’s being sold.