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Creating A Gig Video

I’ve seen how powerful gig videos can be on Fiverr and the difference between having one and not.
I want to create a gig video for my social media graphics gig, I’m not sure how to go about it though.
Do you have any tips on Gig Videos? Not sure, what to say. Everything is in my description. Should I use the description like a transcription and they choose to read or listen?
Are there gigs out there to help me craft a video for my gig?( I want to create it, I just need help putting the right words together)

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Dear Lilac:

I would say one size does not fit all.

Trial and error will help you find a gig video style that works for you.

In my opinion, your goal should be to make the Buyer feel they know, like, and trust you, and that you are qualified to perform the service you are offering.

Here’s a sample script to get you started:

[You are slowly waving a shiny stop watch in full view of the camera:]

Hello, I’m Lilac Punch.

You know, like, and trust me.

I’m good at [Whatever].

Buy my gig!

Another approach would be the AIDA method:

Do something unexpected that draws the viewer in.
Ask them if they are looking for the best [Whatever your gig is] they’ve ever seen…
Tell them how they will benefit from buying [Whatever].
Instruct them to act now.

And of course, say, “Exclusively on Fiverr!” somewhere in the video, with the words onscreen.

Good luck,


I believe you can use the description as the script for your video and you can also make a slide presentation of your preview graphic designs. I hope this helps.

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Here are few ideas

Since I am camera shy I went with a portfolio video. It cost me like $50-$60 because I used a template from videohive

PS. I wouldn’t recommend a plain whiteboard video, there are too many of those already.


after effect , explaindio video , videomakerfx, flash cc etc

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Thank you for the detailed answered. This is very helpful, I appreciate it. I like the AIDA method, that’s new to me.

Ohh I didn’t think of that! I like the slide presentation idea.

Thanks for the tool recommendations!

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Hi there,
Just find someone good to do it for you :wink:

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Thanks for them why?
I thinks. Its my duty to help

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Thank you for giving me all these examples! I just noticed this post.