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Creating a new gig based on another gig by copying or duplicating it?

Does anyone know whether it is technically possible to create a new gig based on another one, so as to save time and work?

I have a gig for fiction book editing (in Hebrew), and I want to create an essentially identical one for non-fiction book editing. It would be great to have the first gig copied and saved as a new one, then make the necessary changes.

Any ideas if this is possible?

If not, do you think Fiverr will consider adding such an option?



There is no “duplicate” option on Fiverr - in fact, Fiverr prefers gigs to be completely different from each other.

However, specifying in the title and url that one is fiction and the other is non fiction should be sufficient to differentiate them from each other.

But you’ll have to make sure the both have different descriptions and subtitles … otherwise the algorithm will get confused and send them both to the back of search …


You could put it in the suggestions section of the forum but they probably don’t really read that now.

You could have one gig preview or gig edit open in another tab and copy sections from it to paste into the new gig (and then change them).

You can’t just duplicate one gig to make another new gig. But If i were you i would copy all the content from 1st gig and then paste them to the new gig making necessary changes like titles, some part of description, pricing, and of course gallery content. This is almost same as duplicating the gig :slight_smile:

Thank you all, this is most helpful information for me. I had no idea that doint overly-similar gigs will result in bad rating in the search engine.
Actually, the idea of splitting fiction from non-fiction book editing only came to me from the incessant prompts to update my gigs and to fill out all possible information. So I was prompted to specify which kind of book I offer to edit. So it was either “generic” or just one of the two (fiction/non-fiction), which was why I then decided to split them.

It frankly seems to me a little unfair to set up the system like this, but will now be better equipped to dealing with it (after your advice).

I do find it would be helpful if duplicating would be made possible as a basis for further changes as we are all working people and this will save up quite some time. But so be it… :slight_smile:

Thank you and a great weekend


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