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Creating a new gig or editing the existed gig?


I am Reza. I guess I have been in Fiverr for a month and so far I have created one gig. Since my gig, I have developed skills a little bit and so I want to showcase my skills throughout my gig. So there are two options that I can do right now-

  1. I can replace the old pictures with a new ones.
  2. I can recreate the whole gig after doing some research as I did for the old one.

So what will be the best choice between these two? It would be great if you could just explain a little bit why you chose the options so that new guys like me could understand the purpose and use it as a future reference.

FYI, I have not received any order ever since and my impression and click ratio is 354 impressions with 6 clicks in the last 36 days (I created the account ever since)

Here is my gig link: Do professional logo design within 12 hours by Sk_reza | Fiverr

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