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Creating a sell-able computer program

Hi All, just wanting to know if anyone can help me explain my requirements to Fiverr sellers and find out what type of seller I need to complete the project. I know what I want to create but not up with the “Speak” to explain it and target the right seller.

I want to create a computer program with a single use, service report that can be sold on a per edition basis. So some people might need multiple of the reports but I don’t want them to be able to replicate the edition they have bought. Of course, I want to sell them another one and another and another.

We already use similar forms through “Cognito Forms” and “Formidable Forms” but we want to create our own in the form of a stand alone program from scratch.

The reports will need to convert to pdf form and will require pictures to be uploaded. Possibly anything from 1 - 10 pics but usually only around 3.

The program would consist mainly of tick boxes and drop-downs and would upload to a website, then automatically convert to a PDF and auto email the finished PDF to the client or purchaser after payment.

Further to this, the website would have a client portal and store the reports for easy client access. This would also have an annual storage fee on an automatic payment schedule.

Do I need a programmer or Coder or something else?

Thanks in advance for your contributions



You can’t use Fiverr to sell a product. Read the Terms of Service and learn how Fiverr works.

Also, this has nothing to do with the Learn program.

Yes, I’d look for a programmer for this. If you look at the programming and tech section, then either “desktop applications”, or “web programming” depending on what kind of program you want. It sounds like you might want it to be an online form kind of thing, so perhaps web programming would work better, but you will need to speak with multiple sellers and simply ask if they are able to provide this as it seems like a complex job.


That’s what I think, as well.

The OP isn’t asking to sell a product on Fiverr, but instead is asking how to word the requirements for a program he wants to later sell and how best to find a seller who can create that software (eg. web programming seemed a good suggestion for what to search for).

Though re: the project, I’m not sure people would want to install software that will only work once and then have to install another edition of it to run the next report, then keep doing the same for each new report they want.


From OP’s wording, he wouldn’t be selling a one use software, rather he would be running the software himself and people pay per use of OP’s software to generate a report. I do agree though that I personally wouldn’t want to use something like this unless it was cheap, and would rather just buy the software to use, or perhaps pay for a subscription if the cost was low and I needed the reports to be generated frequently


The OP said:

It did sound like the OP wanted to sell the program that he buys on Fiverr and it would be a new version that they buy which would only last for one report.

I agree with you that a subscription or something should be better. It woudln’t be good to keep having to install a new version of the program on your pc each time. Or they could make purchases within the program each purchase would allow 1 or a specified number of reports to be created. It could store somewhere on the system the fact that that has been purchased (a file).


I thought “that can be sold on a per edition basis” was referring to the “single use service report” that the software generates? If not, then I certainly agree that it isn’t viable to keep getting people to install a new software every time they use it. This is tedious and (imo) somewhat unethical, depending on the price.

But agreed that OP wasn’t trying to sell this on fiverr, he’s asking for recommendations on how to find sellers who can create this program for him.