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Creating a website for GIG promotion

Creating a website same domain name of fiverr-user name (to create a brand) and to promote service with the related article and re-direct the viewers towards Fiverr gig will be an issue of TOS?


Following this topic.

Hi there, this was really awesome idea keep promote on your gig with your website and boost your traffic on your website and your gig if you do this then you will increase your fiverr level system every day post your 7 topics and everyday create new Backlink on your gig or website you will get good result

None of this is true. Please don’t make things up.

Backlink juice does nothing for Fiverr SEO. Stop assuming the Fiverr algorithm works like Google and don’t post your assumptions unless you can support them with evidence.

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Thank you so much. Is there any TOS issue?

ToS issue with what? Making untrue claims in the forum like you just did?

TOS issue for my Fiverr account

You’re not answering my question. WHAT issue could be a breach of ToS?

Is this what you’re asking?

Can I make a webpage with the domain name the same as my Fiverr username? Does this conflict with the ToS?

IF this is what you’re asking, then… I’m not sure. I don’t remember reading anything in the current ToS that could cause issue.

Yes. You are right. I am very much concerned about my Fiverr username account.

Can I make a webpage with the domain name the same as my Fiverr username? Does this conflict with the ToS? I am concerned about my Fiverr account.

(Really? You copied me without just quoting? You could have just tagged @humanissocial in one post, the one you used to reply to me in.)

Think of it from the other direction:
Plenty of people come here and make their accounts the same username that they already use elsewhere. If they’re fine, you should be too.


I am not sure what ToS say about it but I have seen websites that redirect to a fiverr buyers account or to a particular gig. I don’t remember domain name it may be different from their user name.
External links are not allowed on forum otherwise I would post here.

UPDATE: Just checked, domain name is same as username just underscore removed.