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Creating a yahoo account and a cragslist account?

I have a customer that wants me to post articles to the “casual encounters” section of Craigslist (this is basically a section in which people that want NSA sex post. The problem is the customer wants me to create a Yahoo email address and post directly to Craigslist. I don’t think this is allowed under the terms of service, and even if it is, I am not sure I feel comfortable with that. Can I tell the customer no? Does anyone have any experience doing this? I am pretty new to Fiverr, so I am unsure what to do. Thanks!

Craigslist is a tricky one so I wouldn’t post to it for someone else. I used to help with forums on Craigslist and learned a lot about it. In many cases they require phone verification to get an account if you’ve broken their rules with an old account. He has probably been banned from CL and that’s why he wants you to do everything from the email to the posting with your own IP address and such.

Even if you decided to write ads for people who want to post on CL you’ll have to be careful. If you write an ad that violates CL rules and your buyer posts it, CL will yank the ad and your buyer will want their money back from you. Unless you want to study their rules to a “T” and still take risks, I’d avoid Craigslist.

Reply to @julipalmer7: Yes, just be aware that when anyone asks you to post on various sites, to always check the terms of use of that site itself. For example, many people try to buy Amazon book reviews. Well, it’s against the policy of Amazon to have paid reviews, or it’s against FB rules to buy likes and followers, etc., etc.

Oh thanks for your input, that was what I need clarity on.

Yes @kjblynx I understand but lets say I have a situation where someone will want me to post on that site on behalf of them, that’s where I am asking if its against Fiverr’s policy to do so.

So @sincere18 are you saying that If I offer posting to a third party site, I am violating Fiverr, TOS?

Never diminish your credibility for a few bucks!!

It’s just a few dollars, don’t ruin it for yourself.

Why can’t he do it himself?

Of course you can tell him no and that is what you should do.

Something is wrong here.

Thanks! I just sent him a reply telling him if he wants my work he has to buy the gig through Fiveer like normal and I will send it directly to him! Thanks for the help!

No, do not ever do something like that. It is against the TOU of Craigslist to do third party posting.

Plus you also have to wonder why someone needs you to “post” the ad instead of just “write” it. They are probably spamming and scamming in some way. Also the part that they want YOU to open a yahoo account for them is also suspect. Remember your IP gets tracked to everyone you post on various sites, so be careful if someone is asking you for things like that.

And yes, you can always say, NO, I do not offer that kind of service. And if they buy the gig and then give you instructions to do something you are not comfortable with, do a mutual cancellation and include a polite and professional note that you do not offer that kind of service. Then if it’s ever a problem and you need to contact Customer Support, they can look at your message history.

Wow thank you so much @sincere18 and @fonthaunt I really think this information is useful, its such an enlightenment.