Creating and promoting gigs


Hi everyone! I am new to fiverr and I have some doubts about creating and promoting my gigs. First, I would like to know if I can create more than one gig. After creating one, I tried to create another one and I realized I was editing my first gig. Isn’t it possible to create more than one gig at a time? Also, how can I promote my gigs to make them more visible? I am kind of clueless at the moment. Thanks :slight_smile:


You can create more than one gig. For promotion, I would advertise on social media - once you get a few sales going, you will rise higher in gig rankings and will continue to get more and more visibility and sales over time.


Thanks for the advice! How do I go about creating new gigs? When I selected “create a new gig” on my dashbord it opens up the gig I already have created. Is this unusual?