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Creating another Fiverr account

I’ve read some posts about how you could get banned if you create another account. How does Fiverr find it out? like do they track your IP address as I’m asking because I have a younger brother (still a student) who wants to get on Fiverr too but he will be pretty much using my PC and my equipment so our Gigs will be a bit similar. I’m a session guitarist while he wants to do drum production. Of course he’ll use his separate email address and different bank account/paypal to withdraw the funds.

So should I create another account for him or is it better to just create a 2nd Gig on my account and let him work from there.

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No conversation needed, this is what you should do!


Thank you, I was thinking the same just to stay on the safer side.

IP address, cookies, that sort of stuff.

You could get your little bro to ask CS for permission to open an account. They may grant it, because your Gigs are a little different and you will be using different IDs/payment methods.

If they say no, nothing lost. You can use the 2nd Gig option.