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Creating fiverr accounts & gigs for buyer!

Hi, Can I create fiverr accounts & gigs for my buyer?

No. Your buyer already has an account. He is only allowed to have one.
Why would he want you to create accounts for him? So he can cheat and you are the one who gets in trouble?

Let him break the rules by himself without your help.

You are already breaking rules and will be reported for it unless there is something I’m missing, so you probably shouldn’t break more Terms of Service.

Your e-book gig has portfolio images that should be your work and are not. One is from a 1920 illustrations that was lightly reworked for Kindle in 2010 by a former public services librarian responsible for the federal and state depository collection. Are you claiming you designed the one in 1920 or you are the former librarian? Either it’s one of those, or you copied it which is not OK. What do you want to say about that before I write to Trust and Safety about your gigs?

Thanks for pointing the problem, I have already removed the images you mentioned, I am trying every possible way to fix past errors and being more conscious to avoid future errors :slight_smile:
Thank you very much