Creating fiverr gig with mobile app


Please… Am having problem creating my gig with a mobile app…please if it’s possible I need to know to go about it…Any thoughts?


as i posted a few days ago in suggestion . i have same question with you . it would be very good if can do editing / creating gig using mobile device or an apps . maybe fiverr will update that in future ?


Yes…that would be a very good idea


as far as i know to creating gigs need to open browser using pc or an ipad . i have try using mobile but it keep saying need to be in desktop site :roll_eyes:


Just press “x” on top right corner and it will open a desktop view on your mobile.

But still it’s not best experience to create / edit gig on mobile browser with desktop view.


nah cannot . i have try that .

fiverr in mobile device cannot posting new gig bro have to use pc desktop or an ipad


A gig in fiverr must be created with professionalism. This can’t be done by using a smartphone. Thats my opinion.
Yet, i dont think you can do it by using a phone.


Press the Up icon -> scroll right and press on “Request desktop site”


Yeaa…thanks for the response guys
Appreciate it!


You can use Google chrome to create a professional gig for Fiverr.
Just use desktop mode.
First time I also did it, but now I use both PC and Google chrome in desktop mode on smartphone.