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Creating Gigs Relevant To What Buyers Are Looking For

When you go through the Gigs on the platform you can notice that most are either generic, duplicated or obsolete. Here is an idea on how you can create a Gig that is relevant to your Fiverr Clientele and probably performs better than most of your other Gigs.

This tip will works well if you are a leveled seller.

So I used to delete all those Buyer Requests simply because they annoyed me. Then I realized the more buyer request in your history the better the chances to grow.

Well I don’t use buyer requests to send request anymore. Not me. I use these to identify niche markets.

All you have to do is go through the buyer requests, notebook and pen in hand. Identify the services requested that did not get too many offers or which are unique when you search for them on Fiverr there are a few results. Using this as a benchmark, find out how best you can offer a service around this.

Get ideas for relevant gigs from the BR section.

There you go folks. I have shared 5% of the idea. Go out there and make it perfect.

Happy Selling!!!


I like your idea since it’s a marketing first way of identifying a need for a service. Hopefully those niches you identify are ones you can do well.


@nyamutumbu thanks for sharing your idea!

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thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas


Great idea but you should have strong grip on required skills.


thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas, this ideas are good for me because I am new in fiverr

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never give up bro…keep trying…!!,

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Thanks for your valuable information.

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This is a nice idea in principle but I’m going to point out several flaws.

  1. A lot of scammer territory buyers use buyer requests as a lazy way to find the cheapest worker. It saves the buyer searching through lots of gigs manually. Buyers will be flooded by sellers willing to do lots of work for very little money. Therefore a lot of the buyer requests are the simple data entry, background removal type jobs.

  2. While monitoring buyer requests will eventually result in a variety of different job requests (which is the point you were making), if you want to take advantage of this then you’ve got to be skilled in those fields, otherwise no one is going to work with you. I offer one gig only on my profile - because it’s what I’m good at.

  3. Even if your profile does consist of lots of different gigs, most sensible buyers will question whether they should work with you. Are you a PhotoShop expert, a voiceover talent, a data entry inputter, an architect, a life coach, etc. Your profile wouldn’t look realistic as you’re unlikely to be skilled in all those fields.


I agree, no idea is without flaws.

First let’s make it clear what we mean by “niche”.

In this case niche is used as an adjective, which means the seller is already an expert in their field and are already offering services in that particular field.

Niche Market / Gigs therefore is …
“denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population”

This, I believe is the holy grail of the experienced seller. You know you have a Gig that no one else has. Although you do not get orders all the time, you know that when you do get an order it usually pays well.

With this in mind, no seller must be “a jack of all trades” as you rightfully pointed out. Otherwise you have a rainbow profile, buyers don’t really know what you are about.

The idea is to encourage people who are already offering services in a particular section, Voice Over, Painting, SEM etc. not to offer a general service but rather to diversify into uncharted niche markets/gigs which require a skill set they possess.

Having said this. Let’s bear in mind, the fastest way to fail on Fiverr is to offer a service you’re not qualified to do!


I am a newbie. So will this help me?


Always we should think frok client side…then only we can create pewerfull gigs…

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Thankyou for the wonderful ideas.
I am new in this platform .please support me and pray for me.

Nice idea.Thank you for your share this Idesa.

I am new to fiver still not get any job. Hopefully i am waiting

thanks for sharing the tip!! makes perfect sense

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Thankyou for your valuable information…

I like your idea and I actually thought about it too since i haven’t received any order from the buyer requests.

this is genius! thanks for the tips!

Thanks for share your idea