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Creating groups of sellers

I propose Fiverr to allow creating small groups of work collecting many sellers specialized in different fields, as business, marketing, web, IT, design… and offer a global gig package including different services. An an exemple, A new entrepreneur who’d like to create a business but hasn’t a good idea, he can buy a global package including, business advisory, financial plan, accounting services, logo & Flyer design, creating website, marketing strategy, administrative tasks…

This idea create a new opportunities to sellers and make business easier to buyers.

What do you think friends ?


Would you buy such a thing yourself?

If I need? Why not If ? it make easier working for startups and give more ooportunities to sellers as offering new kind of packages.
It’s the case for you for example as a top rated fiverr seller, you can need business advisory + Administrative assistant, tax advisor + A new logo and design to improve your working activity…

exacly gfx_gigblast ! video creators need workshops with collaborative simultaneous work of specialists in the field. Start ups need advisory in business, tax, marketing… entities who need to advertise its products can find a gig package including video & audio séquences , banners, flyers… online shops are generally interested to web+developpers outputs, business & tax advisory, designers, digital marketing. All coordination work will be offred included in the gig package instead of wasting time to do it yourself.

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Sorry, I really don’t think this would work. There is too much of an accountability issue. I’ve outsourced writing, video & voice over work to Fiverr after taking orders for combination services elsewhere and in the end stopped due to some sellers unreliability. Moreover, I recently let a fellow seller down on Fiverr when I was unable to fulfil an order which they had recommended that one of their clients place with me.

Added to that, though, how would you fairly remunerate people for their work? I wouldn’t be very happy getting paid the same amount for a video as someone else was getting for writing work.

All that said, there is nothing stopping you from buying gigs from other sellers and packaging these as your own into a single service. The only difference, in this case, would be that you would have to put your reputation on the line as opposed to Fiverr itself should something go wrong. In fact, you can do exactly what you are suggesting in your OP by using this strategy. In this case, if you want to do this, just go for it.

Your idea is clear and correct and I agree with you as it’s the major idea of Fiverr. Th new here to avoid all waste time on following the work of each seller. A final package will be delivered to you and it’s you to:

  • decide and rate it by each type of gig.
  • Organizing work will be done by the sellers team not by you and will be rated also
    -each kind of work has a planned fixed time to be done–> the consolidated work should not exceed the delivery time of the package.

All technical issues can be planned, organised and resolved by Fiverr to be harmonized with the major idea of Fiverr community.

Why not just turn my entire business over to some strangers to run it? Some people do that I guess.

May be it will work i guess.

I work as a forum poster in fiverr and I think fiverr team should create a forum posting service section under digital services. It will help us.

You get paid to post here?

Man, and here I am giving away all my words of wisdom/bitchiness for free. I’ve been robbed!

Anyway I don’t like this idea. Fiverr’s just not set up for it, and it’s going to be one of those things where if all goes well, great–but if something goes wrong (and you have a furious buyer), it’s going to be issue upon issue for just one seller-the liaison/project manager one-and maybe the issue is with one of the other sellers, so they get a bad review for work they never even did. OK, so it’s refund time, right? It’s annoying enough when you’re one person–but everyone takes a hit because someone didn’t perform?

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Not gonna work. It’s simply not accounted for in the current Fiverr model.

I can tell you have never owned a business and tried to find someone dependable smart and reliable you can count on for anything.


What does ‘i work as a forum poster’ mean?

It wouldn’t work well here, as others have said. As a seller, I wouldn’t want to be involved as I wouldn’t know the other members of my ‘team’ well enough to be confident about quality and delivery. As a buyer I wouldn’t commit to outsourcing an entire service to an “organised” group that I have little visibility of.
Providing a complete end-to-end service isn’t compatible with the Fiverr model.

Fiverr doesn’t need to do it, you can contact sellers and make them offers. Maybe you can have a gig extra that adds 7-days to the order so you have time to hire someone else, and make your delivery.

However, this is what’s going to happen.
A buyer hires you and orders your other vendor gig extra.
You hire the other vendor.
After 3-14 days, you deliver the work, assuming the order vendor doesn’t drop the ball.
Your buyer doesn’t like the work and demands a revision.
That means you have to demand a revision from the other vendor.
Or the buyer hates your work and demands a refund which means you’ll be demanding a refund from your vendor who will hate you for it.
See how complicated it gets?

Let’s look at it this way. I have a radio gig, people pay me to write the script. If they paid me to hire others to do voice overs, music, etc, then I would have to become a project manager every time the client hates the music or wants to re-record something. Do you think I have time for that? Even if you paid me $50-$100 more, the aggravation and the extra-time I would be wasting wouldn’t be worth it.

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I’m not speaking about the entire business, but some various tasks thaht take too much time to do. the bargains are those that create value with maximum of efficiency while employing a significant number of Fiverrs :wink:

IF we succeed to organize it well, I’m sure will work correctly and make fiverr easier (y)

And if you know qualified friends in Fiverr that work in various fields ? can you accept to create this group ? you agree about the way the group will work. Buyers, who know some of team members have already trust of them and can accept this way. what do you think about ?

Your idea is compelling

Idea is nice, But many of us (sellers) are working is specific niche so how come a graphics designer is going to offer seo services to buyer? it is a good option for big software solutions companies but I don’t think it will work with one man company sellers.