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Creating groups of sellers


In this specific case “I have a poor command of English”. I think they mean to convey that one of their many abilities as a freelancer is to comment for pay on a forum.

So if you wanted to promote your alpaca business on a forum dedicated to IT troubleshooting, she’s your best bet. She would go there and instead of posting:

“Interesting content please buy my totally legit alpacas

As us amateur newbie posters would, she would write:

“Funnily enough, I have an amusing alpaca story related to your hideous HD failure. It turns out that they’re not just cute, but their hair gets everywhere! Here I’s what my HD looked like before and after I cleansed it of all those irritating alpaca hairs!” possibly followed by something relevant to the discussion to prevent disgusted eye-rolls from other posters.

That this poor seller doesn’t have the wit or the imagination to put a gig up under one of the current categories is a good example of why you probably shouldn’t hire her to do so–that and her poor English. I mean, you could legitimately hire someone to make your dead forum look more interesting and populated, but wouldn’t you want engaging conversation from interesting people?


Everyone says your idea is not very good, dude. That should be a clue that this is a fruitless venture. The only people likely to agree with you are desperate for work and/or scammers. Not very auspicious.


You’d also need to have reading comprehension to make this idea work.

On that basis alone, I wouldn’t work with you in some nebulous group project.


am eye-rolling


You are responding to a person who has posted this same thing on dozens of posts. Everyone else still thinks your idea won’t work.

Your only ally is a spammer.



Thanks for your ingenious opinion emmaki. Just you need to be more cool, we are juste sharing opinions


So am I. You need to be more hot.


Thank you, but please remember the pitfalls. If they fail to deliver on time, you might have to refund your order. If you’re late, the buyer might force cancel which gives you a 1-star review that makes look really bad. When buyers see “seller failed to deliver on time” they think twice about ordering.

So if you do this, give yourself enough time. You might even have to send a $5 customer offer when your gig is due in 24 hours and your seller is late. So I hope you’re very organized because you will have to keep track of everything, not just your sale but your order.


That right there is some quality forum posting