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Creating multiple gigs for the same service

Hi , i am a level one seller at . Its been a good experience for me so far . But i want to improve myself even more . My question is that "can i create two gigs or maybe three for the same service ? " for example , i make 3d logos , and my gig title says “i will make a realistic 3d logo for you” and then i create another gig which says "i will create an elegant 3d logo for you " . So there are two gigs on which i create 3d logos .
I consulted fiverr customer support on this and they said its not allowed but i am quite confused really
because i have seen many Many MANY premium sellers who are doing exactly the same ! they have 2 and even 3 gigs which offer exactly the same service and even operating them for years !
Why is it allowed for them then ? i mean if its not allowed , they should have get reported by now , some of them are even top rated sellers and i can provide some examples where some top rated sellers have two gigs for the exact same service , even their titles , description and packages are 100% same to same for both gigs and they are operating them . As far as i know , top rated are selected manually so anyone form fiverr who has approved them on fiverr , must have seen that he has 2–3 gigs for same service .
What do you people have to says about that ? i can give proves if you want


No, you cannot create multiple Gigs that offer the SAME thing. Imagine the mess this site would be if we had every seller putting up multiples of the same Gig?

Don’t do it - your Gig will either be denied or pulled from the listings.



Do you think I’m breaking the rules by having a gig for teespring (t-shirt) headlines and another gig for general headlines?

These aren’t new gigs, years ago, when I was promoted to Top Rated Seller (now I’m down to level 1), I had those gigs.

Seems to me that if Fiverr doesn’t like a duplicate gig, they will tell the seller, maybe they will delete it.

Is there a difference between an elegant 3d logo and a realistic 3d logo? I think it’s important that each gig be different. If one gig was for retro logos, and another gig was for 3d logos, that’s very different even if they’re both logos. Also, in your 3d logos you could ask buyers to tell you if they want something realistic, elegant, etc.

When you spoke to customer service, did you ask them if you had to delete one of your gigs? With CS, it’s better to ask specific questions.

“Hi, I have these two gigs. Are they too similar? Am I breaking the rules about having clone gigs?”

Ok , got it
I will make sure to keep that in mind

If you are so concerned about some Top Rated Seller having the same Gig multiple times, just go and report them to customer service instead of expecting us here in the forum to go view their Gigs and then come back to either disagree or agree with you.

If YOU think they are wrong, go report them. I don’t make the rules here. Perhaps their Gigs are different in some minor way that keeps them up.

You also should not be naming and shaming other sellers in the forum.


Sorry for that , i didnt mean to disrecpect you in any way , Thanks