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Creating Portfolio

Can someone help me on how to create portfolio?


You can click on the link with your username, on the top right of your page and then scroll down to the bottom left of the page where you can find the Portfolio link and press “add new” . Fill in the description and the url that leads to your sample of work and that’s it. You can upload samples of your work on an online clouding app and share the link.
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Yes You Can Create You Portfolio.
Its So easy to create your portfolio what you have to do is just Go to This Page
And Create A Account On It And Start Creating Your Gallery.
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And If You Want To Create Your Portfolio on Fiverr Its Not Possible.
Your Portfolio on fiverr will the orders you have done in fiverr.
those orders will e shown in your GIG as your portfolio



  1. The OP is asking for help regarding how to make a portfolio not - how to connect it with fiverr.
  2. This portfolio section in our profiles is not visible to buyers.

Fiverr allows 3 photos, so you can add 3 screenshots of your work there, plus it allows 2 PDF uploads, so you can make a PDF of your work files and upload it. In addition to this, whenever you deliver your order, there is an option for the final delivery screenshot to be added to your portfolio.

The better way you can make a video with your samples and upload it as a gig video.Fiverr allows 1-minute gig video with 50MB maximum size. Because You can add more image of samples in your video that Fiverr only allows 3 images for every gig. Be careful that there is no link to your video.

but i dont see that option. has fiverr changed the option? I want to add but fail to get the option. Plz tell me the way to find that

the question is Behance allowed to share links in fiverr?
or only flicker

Question is the Only flicker links are allowed?.

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@babii_designs You are replying 2 years later. Maybe you didn’t notice.

The moderators don’t like to see old posts resurrected.

If you type “approved portfolios” in the search bar above you will find the answer to your question.

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