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Creating similar Gigs in same account

Please can I create similar gig in my account? The reason I asked this is because I did not pick the right category at the time of creating the gig and I’ve seen only a few sales. So I want to create a similar gig now and place it in the right category. Will this action of mine affect my gig showing up in fiverr search, have I violated any fiverr rule and will it negatively affect sales?


yes you can do this, no problem


Yes, you can.
As a matter of fact, creating multiple gigs of similar category creates an impression that you’re a professional in that field

Thank you for this information

Thank you for this information.

You can and it’s a good idea too. Just have to avoid making the services look the same. So different pictures and descriptions and no copy-paste.

Yes, you can create same type of gig in your account.