Creating Successful Gigs on Fiverr


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Do we need to create 7+ gigs for our one service ? :slight_smile:


Nope. You would create a gig for a different service. Ie. 1 for voice over, 1 for web design, 1 for proof reading, 1 for cover art design etc.


bro day by day stop my sell . i try and try but i can’t increase.


If you’re not taking the time to market and promote your gig, then you’re not trying.

Think of ways to reach out to your target customers. They are the only people that will purchase your services and make you successful.


What are the best ways to promote our gigs sir?


Please tell me how i think of ways to reach out to my target customer ?


There are no “best ways” to market and promote your gig. YOU are going to have to figure out who your target customers are, and YOU are going to have to do some research to find out where those customers are located. Then, once you know these things, you’ll know how to reach out to those customers.

Every seller has a different customer base. There is no answer that works for everyone.

Pretend you’re trying to find the perfect customer. Where would you look for this person? And when you find them, how would you tell them about what you do? This is marketing. Answer these questions, then experiment until you find what works for you and your gigs.


thank you jonbaas .really good i saw you gig , really good


Please help me
what are the best ways to promote our gigs???


Hi guys, this is a very interesting topic. What gig to create on Fiverr and how many to create? I’m my opinion just choose the ones you love and are good at. At the end of the day its about delivering quality services to clients that may be in need of them.


It is very helpful information for the all seller . Thank you so much Dear


if you are email marketer your targeted buyer is real estate and e-commerce sellers, If you a content writer your targeted buyer is website and blog owners. If you provide background remove service your targeted buyer is eBay amazon another eComarce sellers.


how to i find eBay , amazon buyers ?


I think Social media marketing is best way


The best way is Social media Kit


please tell me how to marketing your gigs ??


awesome tips…
I have to unitlize it…


Share your gigs on social media .
Most probably on google plus


Can you please guide me how can i advertise my gigs on social media?


I’m new on fiverr but getting orders also i’m using social services to spread my gig