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Creation of a custom game

Hey everyone! I have been on fiverr for about 9 months now, and thanks to fiverr for making me successful!

One of the gigs I am offering is a gig titled “I will build a 5 level cross platform game for $5”. In this gig, I will create a 5 level game for almost any platform including, but not limited to the following:



Windows Phone



Windows 8

Windows Desktop



Please note that I can create a first person shooter, but I WILL NOT DO THIS FOR JUST $5 (Dreams…). Also, since first person shooters I design use Unreal Engine 3, it will only be available to platform supported by unreal. This is why FPS is a “Special Order” and you will have to discuss this with me for pricing.

The games I will design are 2d games (Read The Description) for any of the chosen platforms (Please note each platform is an individual gig). If you would like me to send the source code, add FB and Gamecenter Integration, or publish it, check out the gig extras:

Source code (Applies to all platforms that you order: e.g. you order for iOS, Android, and WP8, you only need one gig extra to recieve all source codes) - $10

Publishing - $20 (Applies to iOS, Android, WP8, and Win8)

FB/Gamecenter integration (2 gig multiple) -$10

What annoys me the most it that buyers do not read the big text in my description that says “I DO NOT PROVIDE GRAPHICS” in plain English and expect me to provide graphics. I do not provide graphics, so if you would like graphics find some place that offers the graphics you want (MakeGamesWithUs is a nice place), and send me the graphics.

Also, I’d like a message before an order.

You can find the gig at

Thanks, and have a nice day,


I think it’s a great gig at a great price and may consider it for later as I did want to dabble in those markets a little later on down the line. Will you be offering gigs later on down the line for the creation of Apps of a non-game variety? I had some ideas but most people make very generic basic Apps for pages, I was looking for more of a custom App for some ideas I had.

Also just a random note, wouldn’t the category, “iOS, Android & Mobile” be more fitting for what you offer?

Reply to @freelancemm: Yes, I do offer simple non-game apps for those that contact me before ordering. And yes, I can make Custom apps.

@dtes76 I will have to get back to you in the near future(within a month or so), possibly sooner and discuss some ideas with you. Thanks for the fast response, :slight_smile:

Reply to @freelancemm: How’s life?