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Creation of tomorrow's giant

I don’t know where to start but I’ll keep it simple.I’m searching for partners that will be able to develop new type of social network with me,now I know beginning are always hard, competition is strong and it takes alot of effort to actually create project this big, but I belive it will be worth it.

So…you want to make a Facebook clone for $5?

Sounds legit. How are you going to promote it…on Facebook?

So, what are you looking for? Free or gratis work? I and other sellers get lots of similar messages. You’re best bet here would, therefore, be to go away, put together a business plan, and once you have figured out what you need, to order gigs which can help you put together the first tangible building blocks of your vision.

That said any serious entrepreneur would know this already. In this case, please keep in mind that ideas themselves don’t create the next online or offline business sensations. Actual hard work and small series of practically actionable ideas do. Plus of course, a wee bit of technical know how and upfront investment.