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Creative and SEO Optimized Written Content starting at $5!

I can write you an article or blog post on just about any subject you can throw at me. I will be able to curate creative, original and meaningful content that is SEO Optimized to your target keyword density.

Already have a blog post idea, but still looking for that perfect title? I’ve got your back. I can also come up with creative and catchy titles for your articles - of course still keeping SEO in mind.

I am a full-time freelance writer - if you Google “R&J Creative Services” you will find my main services website - this is only so you can view my credentials !!! You can also view my blog by searching Freelance Lifestyle (.net) where I write about life as a freelancer and review Amazon Products.

The deals I offer here are 100% Exclusive to Fiverr and are only offered to registered Fiverr Buyers through the Platform. I felt I needed to include this so everyone is aware that I respect the Fiverr TOS.

If your order is larger than one or two articles, I would greatly appreciate a message prior to the order so I can arrange my schedule appropriately ahead of time.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you, once again, here on Fiverr!

Bring on the orders!

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