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Creative commons licensing


I’m a buyer, and I’m looking for voice overs. I have a couple projects with the following requirements:

“All materials created using funding must abide by Creative Common’s Attribution 4.0 International License/ (CC BY 4.0) Under this agreement, intellectual property remains with its creator, but others are free to copy, redistribute, transform, and/ or build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.”

I’ve read over the Terms of Service and the sections on Ownership and Commercial License gig extras. The Commercial License isn’t relevant as it is non-transferrable.

I don’t have a clear idea of what is needed here for me to ensure that the recordings meet the requirements of the project. Any insights would be helpful.


It does say it is non-transferable, but I believe that can be overridden by the seller’s permission. I don’t see why a VO seller should have any issue with you purchasing Commercial Rights and then publishing it CC. I don’t want to get you in legal trouble but I hardly think a seller would hunt you down for publishing something for which you purchased full rights and are choosing to make publicly available.

Hopefully you can make some sense out of that butchered paragraph of tumbling thoughts. May I ask what project these are for?