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Creative survey. Can I?

Hi, I want to talk you about those moments of difficulties when your clients want your services but they are not very descriptive when filling the requirements.
My job requires to know as much as possible my client preferences, dislikes and his goal in terms of the project.

I am asking you. Is it possible to create a survey form (with multiple choice answers) to send it to my clients. I won’t ask for email or any sort of contact information, it will just help me gain more information. I’d like to do this because in a multiple choice survey, the clients are mostly like to answer as they won’t need to write anything because I will formulate my questions to work for my specific service.
Is this allowed in fiverr?


You can already add multiple choice questions to the gig requirements section. So you could do it that way unless it’s too complex for that.

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I have already set-up the maximum of 10 requirement questions. However one of my services is creation of websites and I’d like to provide the best result reducing the times I have to contact the client about some particulars.
For example I’d like to give show them some photos through the survey and let them choose the one they like the most (in this way I’d know the direction I’ll have to follow and reduce the revisions and therefore reducing time and being able to be more efficient. ) followed by other simple questions which will help me a lot during the process.
My requirement questions are made in a way to gain a big amount of information but still I’d be happy to gain more. Because I still have to communicate in the chat a lot with my clients and they don’t go straight to the answer because sometimes they are unsure what they would really like.

If they would fill in the form on some website you’re probably best checking with CS first to get their permission.

You could attach an image or .pdf with numbers or letters next to the different options, that could include images next to each one, and ask them which one they wanted from each. But that could be more work to do each time, especially if there are multiple images/.pdf files to attach.

You could have every question and option in one .pdf that you attach on the order page.
eg. Question 1, which of these would you like? (show 5 images of different types of websites, with A to E next to the different images) etc.