Creative Tips For Sellers


The Creative Guys just got back from vacation. The common question is how to rebuild you reputation on fiverr after going on vacation and not accepting orders for a long time.

  1. A tip which many sellers don’t use, in fact I believe that 95% of fiverr sellers don’t use this cool technique.

    It’s been 1 month… many orders have been cancelled… Simply go to your cancellation tab and view all your cancellations. Upon scrolling to see your cancelled orders click on those orders and contact the seller and send a message as follows “We’re back from vacation do you still need _______ done?” Try it out… They will become conversions.

  2. Change your gig image.

    It’s not so easy however it will generate a new series of views. Because people are constantly looking for better gigs, editing and adding a better photo is sure to generate more clicks.

  3. Replace your ICON. (profile image)

    It’s not as easy as you think, however continuously improving your profile will make people send you a message. What’s most important is to add “We are ready for your orders” since in the summer time many people do go on vacation. If your here. State it.

  4. Respond FAST.

    Buyers don’t want to wait. It will get them frustrated without a reply within 2-3 hours. Fast work is proven to be successful.

  5. Correct English.

    We don’t pick or choose yet if your profile is broken English you will not get chosen as a worker. The reason is because people see that you do not put time and energy into your profile to make it impressive. That’s a no no right there.

    Keep fiverring,

    And yes, I do enjoy your comments,


    The Creative Guys


Re-branding, quick response, and good grammar. Noted! I think these tips are also applicable for the new gigs or new sellers. Thanks!


Thanks for those tips!


Reply to @chocomelks: For sure. I was off fiverr for around 6 weeks and wanted to let people know how to re-brand in a fast effective way! Thanks for your comment! In some cases I refer people to my profile page just to show them how your profile description should look like and what quality gig images should be.


What’s funny is you talk about using correct English, yet I proofread the crap out of this post while reading it. Somebody needs a good proofreader, and I know where you can find one :wink:


Reply to @jamiegraff: Jamie, this is not a place to get angry for the benefit of “your gig” by doing so makes others who view your comment, not order from you. Tip Number 44: Don’t use words to turn away future clients.




great info…