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Creative writing gigs


I’m new to Fiverr, and I’ve made a Gig™ to write any piece of creative writing (e.g. story, poem, script, review, article, etc.)

I’ll take on pretty much any writing work, within reason. If you need any writing, I’m your man :wink:

Check out my gig, if you like:


Good luck! :slight_smile:

(Although that “I’ll Do Anything For $5” has serious potential to end in tears. Buyers notoriously don’t message you before ordering, want EVERYTHING and will leave negative feedback at the drop of a hat … “HE SAID HE’D DO ANYTHING SO …”)


Reply to @jimmcgovern15: I’m glad, I’d hate you to meet Mr. Bad Buyer who’d laugh like a hyena once he saw that gig. :wink: I know you’ll think up some great gigs!


Reply to @crcanny: Thank you :slight_smile: I have taken your advice and removed the “I’ll do ANYTHING” Gig. That’s why I need tips from people like you!


Good luck!


Good luck and have fun!!!


Thank you! :slight_smile: