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Creativity of work

Business growth and development is directly proportional to how creative you are while experience remains constant.
Didn’t get it?
Let me explain it.

I remember a story, one of my friend told me that. This story begins with a son and a father. The Father was a carpenter and worked in a workshop. He was much experienced and was working for 30 to 35 years. He had a core knowledge of his field, but he was not that creative while his son became an engineer and he studied the art of creativity. How does business expand? what are the basic ways to attract a customer? After his successful completion of engineering, he joined his father’s business.
Now look at this example: The father has an experience of more than 30 years but his son has zero field knowledge but has an idea how to sell a product and what a customer wants in the product. He guided his father. He designed for his father. He started working. He used different types of tools like adobe photoshop and illustrator for designing to design creative and then making them real. He made innovation. He made the design that was lacking in the market. He came with an idea of uniqueness. Everybody was supplying doors, windows and the same was he doing but what he did he come with an innovative idea and made the style that was no available in the market and this idea hit and it boosts their business to the next level.

That’s how the art of explicit design increases business and industrial growth.
So do creative things and don’t copy others. Make your own ways.

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