Many people think of Creativity for artists and singers etc, but everyone is creative in a their own unique way. It is very important to identify your skills and what makes you different from the rest.

When creating new gigs think about what you would love to be doing, so if your passion is writing stories for kids then start thinking what skills you can offer the customer. Maybe story boards for adverts, maybe partner up with a cartoon drawer and team up to do skits! Think outside the box!

If you offer a lot to start with you can always raise your rates as you get more popular.

I would like to help people think this way if they want to be more creative, I invite them in a little challenge…

Try and make a gig that would make you happy every time you got a $4 sale. I have 12 gigs that I offer now and there are only truthfully half of them that I enjoy doing. I, myself need to think about that one!

If you want help brainstorming for new gigs then just post here and we shall see what we can do :slight_smile:


Every time I start someones family tree for them and get them into communication with their own families, now THAT makes me happy


What if those families bring problems and trouble :slight_smile: