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Credit Card charged but Order Failed

Something wrong with the site, I made my credit card payment for the order, system showed transaction failed, but my credit card being charged.

Report it to customer services. I’ve seen a few people report similar issues here.

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Same thing happened to me. How to report it to customer support, their support link is also not working.

Try with this link:

You will get your money back on your card after 7 days. You can check it by visiting the Transactions page of your bank, credit card company or whatever you used to make the purchase.

I had the same problem right now.

I placed an order and tried to pay, it said the card was rejected please try again, I tried again and same thing error your payment was rejected please try again…

I stoped trying and paid via Paypal, payment was succesfull, in total I was charged three times 21usd, each time Fiverr said the payment was rejected it was actually accepted.

I contacted the support and now waiting for their refund.

so how was it? did u manage to get ur money b?