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Credit Cards not been Processed on Order Page in Fivver!


Hi All,

Anyone else having this issue? i have tried 3 Credit Cards all with funds on them, its not completing the sale for the order i put in, whats going on,



You can contact with Fiverr CS. They will help you to fix it.


Hi mmh4560,

I have this logged with them before i posted but is could take them up to 24hrs to respond back, i just wanted to get my project started asap and this is delayed now :disappointed:


Ya I’m agree with you sometime 24 hours is very late. But there is no way only CS can help you to fix any technical issue. Keep your patience wait for CS reply & don’t submit one more tickets. Good luck.


Thanks very much…


It has to be a Fiverr bug and as I see from this forum it’s been on-going off and on. I tried 3 different cards, all said unable to process and there is nothing wrong with my cards. Yes, I know I can use paypal, just reporting the bug about credit card payments.