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Credit/Debit Card Issues

In the past few weeks, two different buyers have had an issue placing orders. One could not order at all ($325) and the other was able to order from my gig ($250) but when I sent them an extra ($120) they could not accept it.

Yup, I had an issue with a large order and It was somehow magically resolved several days later.

It seems as though it’s a common issue for credit card orders I believe.
(There were threads about this)

I am facing the same issue right now with a rather large order. the buyer does not seem to have an option to enter cc info at all. and PayPal is not an option.

What are we to do if our credit cards aren’t working properly, only with this fiverr app? I mean, it was working completely fine before and then it just stopped. I have tried five other credit cards since then but still have no luck. Could you please advise?