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Credit stollen - My story

So it happened to me. I delivered an article to a client. Client was super happy and left 5 star review. Client asked my personal info (name surname) to add the article to his site with my name and giving me credit as author.

3 weeks later I check client’s site only to see my article having over 1000k views and instead of me as author and credit, an unknown woman as author.

I contacted both the buyer via messages here on Fiverr and the site via e-mail. Waiting for a reply.


I’m a web content writer.

I NEVER expect credit as I view myself as a ghostwriter.

If someone pays me to write something for them, I assume it is going to be published under a different name.

However, you were asked for credit/byline details.

(I have 16 years print media experience as a newspaper owner/publisher).

I have had the same thing happen to me and sometimes I see credit online, sometimes I don’t.

Quite honestly, it’s not why I got into freelancing.

I got into freelancing to make some money.

My name online doesn’t pay the bills.


I repeat what happened in my case. Buyer asked, to give me credit and he/she did. I viewed my article on his/her website with my credit posting as author/creator.

After 3 weeks, I revisited my article only to see someone else as author. I was not hired as ghostwriter and buyer wrote that I will have my credit details.

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I understood your OP.

I’m just telling you that if you wrote something for someone else, you forfeit all rights to that content.

Sure, you may have had a byline at first.

But clearly the content owner (the Buyer who hired you) decided to change that.