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Credit where credit is due

Everyone that knows me around the forums, knows that I’m quite harsh on customer support, and with good reason. However, I think it’s honest to present both sides of the picture, so I’m here today to share a very positive experience I had recently.

I was working with a client on an order, and I delivered. The client requested a revision, we went through the delivery together on a call, and it was clear they were happy with some of it, but some parts had to be changed. We agreed on the call that I would need extra materials from them to implement the needed changes, so he said he would send them later in the day. They didn’t. Then they said they would send it in the next few days, and nothing. Finally they come back saying they are not interested in continuing, and would like a refund - and here’s where I contacted support.

Long story short, they were very helpful, took my side, and allowed me to create a new, smaller order for the client to place as means for a partial refund and then cancel the original order, without it counting towards my cancelation rate. On top of that, Fiverr compensated me for the rest of the value of the bigger order (I still lost like 15% of the overall value, since the compensation + smaller order was a bit lower than the original, but I ain’t complaining - I didn’t have to do any extra work on the revision anyway), and the client left a 5 star review on the smaller order since I assume they were happy with getting a partial refund instead of having to pay the full amount for something they would not use (this was something I wasn’t expecting at all, I was fully expecting a passive aggressive bad review).

So, in this case, going through it with support turned what would be a cancelation ($0 earned, hit to the stats that would surely make me lose TRS) into one completed order with 5 star review, 85% of the original money earned, and no cancelation showing on stats.



Yes, that looks like a great outcome. Good to hear CS can still have your back when it matters!


As I always say, it’s a bit hit and miss. If you are a new seller, it’s mostly miss, I’m afraid. If you are TRS, it’s considerably better. If you are Pro, it’s better still. My experiences lately have always been positive, but you do need to earn Fiverr cred first (having good stats, big orders, basically have a profile that makes Fiverr look good and makes them money) to get there.

Right now they’re overwhelmed. I’m pleased - not to mention surprised! - you got the outcome you did.

I do think that Fiverr should take the approach the NHS did here - call in experienced ex employees, trainees etc to help cope with the tsunami …

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I think a big part of it is being on the Pro platform, I never experienced any slow downs with CS response, they always get back to me in under a day, usually 1 or 2 hours. But from what I’ve heard, sellers that are not TRS or Pro can have to wait for days. I blame the meksells, filling CS with BS.

Great story and good to hear you had a positive story with them. I wish we saw more of them. As you say TRS and Pros do get a little extra help and I understand why that is. I certainly get faster response times being a level 2 seller. I always think it’s in Fiverr’s best interests to not cancel work where they can as it loses them funds, sometimes their decisions are baffling.


Well, yes, agreed … which is why they need more help until the covid influx settles. It’ll pass, but not soon …

What really surprised me is that they actually lost money on this one to make it right for me. This was an order for over $1k, so the compensation was quite high compared to the average gig selling price. However, my prices are consistently at this level, so they will more than make it back from me in fees quickly.

That’s probably the thinking on their part. A $5 order is easy to lose and keep buyers happy and coming back. But when it comes to a $1000 order they probably investigate and ponder a bit more over the direction they take.

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Yes, this is good business in the long term. However, it’s reassuring to see they also get it instead of just focusing on short term.