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Creditcard payment doesn't succeed but charge money

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to order a gig and pay by VISA creditcard. When filled in all information I got a notification with a message that something was wrong. I tried again and after that I signed in at my creditcard company and see that the money is charged to my creditcard without creating the order on Fiverr.

Somebody have experience with this? Or know what will happen; by example creating the gig later or refund the money to my CC? Money isnt the problem but really need to know If I need to order a new gig now or just wait till tomorrow or something bacause the gig will still be created. :slight_smile:



Is that so?

Funny. You can’t pay with your credit card. You need to have a Pay-Pal account. (Or now, a bitcoin account also) So you couldn’t have entered your information for a credit card or paid using a credit card. So maybe you’re confusing Fiverr with another site?

I had the same problem just last night 4/27/16

Actually that is not correct. One can pay with a credit card, paypal or bitcoin.

For the OP, same thing happened to me last night. After hitting submit a couple of times, it would error out. Finally got it to go through late last night.