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Creepy request (Rant)


Okay, so someone made a request wanting a picture of someone they know (they said their friend) and a tentacle monster. The qualifications were having to be okay with drawing explicit material, being good at drawing real people, and it had to stay private.

I swear, this person is wanting someone to draw a private, explicit picture their friend getting unholy things done to them by a tentacle monster. They are paying for custom made porn of someone they know, most likely without their knowledge. That’s what I assume they wanted.

This is just me ranting about how unbelievably creepy that is, oh my god.

Creepy requests for custom offers

Yes lots of us get these creepy requests sometimes. I have had for years someone wanting me to cast a lust spell on his sister in law and they go into details of what they want her to do. I just ignore it and don’t answer.


Meh, I guess it depends on the specifics, the seller’s feelings and the way the buyer words it. If they are polite and the seller has no prior gig specifications about adult material, I think it’s unusual but just something to say “no, thanks” to if you don’t want the job. I try not to make too many assumptions unless the situation is clear. If it involved a minor or was clearly a message intended to provoke you, then I would report it to Customer Support.


Was it intended as a gift do you think?


Yeah, if in doubt just say no.

Google Fiverr and Anthrax girl video and you will see why!


…sorry but I doubt this is creepy. It’s quite common, to be honest.
@cyaxrex yeah that was one messed situation :v I loved how the media was talking about her as a legit perp.