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Creepy requests for custom offers

Do other Sellers get requests for creepy custom offers or just me?

I got this one yesterday…

You are American actress and make a lot of money. But I only have $10 and I know you can do this for only $10 because this is easy for you. I need video of you talking how much you like my porno site. I guess he figures, once I watch him in a porno, my rave review would come easily and well worth the loss of my profit

I got this one today…
Can you do a 5 minute video of you and a girlfriend fake wrestling in your kitchen? _I’m a 60 year old grandmother you sick nutjob, besides I would need to wash my floor first

And this from last week…
I need you to video a bunch of kids (ages 6-11) in a park near you for my virtual reality app. So, the truth is you want me to film kids in the park for you so you can sell it to sex offenders. And you can’t film this yourself because you’re a convicted sex-offender. I may still report you to the FBI… sicko.

And this from last week…
Hey I need you to say you made $149,548 last month using our service. I’m guessing by the way this guy ordered me to aid him in ripping off consumers that he’s watched the Godfather too many times and thinks I’m one his underlings


Definitely report the third one, the others - meh, theres a market for them.
I don’t get creepy requests at all. Well, I don’t consider them creepy anyway - although @fonthaunt asks for pictures of my “dainty lady-like hands” (as she calls them) every couple of days - does that count?


It has been very rare for me to receive creepy requests. I sure don’t get one every couple of days. Weird.


Like you, I don’t get any creepy messages/requests - it suits me fine! :slightly_smiling_face:

Added - please, don’t even think about it!


Nah, just one of the affiliate marketing or similar ‘online jobs’ that get you rich in no time, and you don’t even have to work.

Maybe he’s looking for something like jungle boys wrestling (and it’s supposed to be even more funny because it’s grandmothers in the kitchen)? Either that, or… Well, I’d rather not talk about the other option, considering that we have 13-year-olds on the forum.


This would be a good youtube video.


Well, I want those for free, so that’s different. :wink:


Yes, and that is fine as per our agreement, you have sent pictures of your cats to me but seriously… how many do you actually need? I only have 10 fingers…

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When creepy ducks send a message to @matureactress


#2 This guy meant the kitchen video to be creepy, if it were for a funny video he would have said so. I’ve had plenty of requests for funny videos and creepy ones, I know the difference.

#4 Anytime someone is blatantly deceiving consumers, it’s creepy AND criminal.

Perhaps the fact that my gigs demand more visibility of me makes me a target.


Come to think of it, it would be a good youtube video, it would generate a lot of income. To hell with the Buyer… I have my eye on a Louis Vuitton handbag…

Anybody want to join me in 5 minutes of kitchen floor wrestling? I promise I’ll wash the floor first.


There was an interesting discussion earlier in the week - you might find it useful:


I have a wig, I will do it free but $250 for a commercial release


There was another one yesterday, something about tentacles. I’d have to find it. I wish I knew how to wrestle.

Edit/add: Here it is:


For once, I’m speechless! :open_mouth:


Well, we do get custom offer requests from film school students and budding directors who just need a short clip, but they always identify themselves as such. Although the dead girl request is certainly creepy.

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I admire your talent at upselling! Now how much for the white-haired wig and heavily padded bra extras?


No charge, I’ll take any excuse to put those back on


So glad I don’t offer custom videos - plumbers get plumber videos, chiropractors get chiropractor videos - anything for an easy life! :slightly_smiling_face:


Great. I love working with a co-star that has it all together.

And do you think you could do a convincing prat fall onto the floor using a walker? If you can, then I promise you there will be a LOT more work for you in the future. I promise to keep my promise.