Cricket has become unbearable


I honestly feel cricket should be banned. Enough of this.


Whyyyyy??? :scream:


Check the India-Australia score.


Who is this Cricket, did he violate ToS or do you only feel he should because he uses selfies of other people in his profile or his cancellation rate is too high or something else? You have to give us more information if you want us to help you with your feelings, Bhai.


@miiila iOMG…Don’t you know what is Cricket? @writer99025 Is Lyon i a visiting bowler ?


Of course I know that, sis, I support Peshawar Zalmi :stuck_out_tongue: I just didn´t want to spoil the joke with a row of smileys. :wink:


Turn the TV off and go to work :wink:


I work with the TV on…but now can’t…well, there is football still…


Looovvveee you.(20 chr)