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Cricket's over, I have moved on

Anybody betting on tonight’s Champions League QF match between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid? My money is on Barca, but would love it if Diego Simeone - the world’s greatest manager - inspires his team to a win! David versus Goliath!

LOL. I don´t watch sports but looks like cricket is more interesting than football :stuck_out_tongue:

I like both, and played both back when I was young.

Crickets are noisy and look like tiny aliens. They smell bad, too. My cat eats them.

So does my Chihuahua! But I’m talking about big 7 plagues of Egypt locusts. As soon as he spots one he’s off snapping like a snapping turtle in the bushes until he catches one and then he’s just a mess of dismembered legs afterwards. (Bug legs not dismembered dogs legs.)

Glad you have been cured of the cricket issue, I was beginning to worry about you. 1-0 Athletico is my prediction. You want to bet? Loser owes the winner 5000 words of proofreading :stuck_out_tongue:

At least that kind of cricket is interesting…

LOL…I am already overworked!

You might win!