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Criteria for being selected as Top Rated Seller

I feel that many sellers are level two who have one or more things in that list that are not quite right. In particular, there are a lot who have two or more similar gigs. There are also many who could be pricing their gigs higher who don’t.


I’ve been nominated for TRS every month so far and, alas, still no shiny gold badge. I double-checked my gigs against all of the above-mentioned criteria in January (the first time I received the email) and I couldn’t see anything that I could improve upon based on the list.

I have continued to receive that exact same email every month since. Please let me know if you figure out the secret! :blush:


Congratulations ms.sydneymorgan :relaxed:

Interesting. I hadn’t considered that.

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Lol I’ve seen many sellers who have never stepped foot into the Fiverr forrums get selected as TRS. It’s really up to Fiverr. If you have “original” ideas (ideas that not many sellers provide) then you have a pretty good chance of getting TRS.


Ideas as in unique gigs or…?


I truly believe the TRS criteria is not merely statistically based but rather performance based.

That being said, I believe support has no power in this regard and sending a support message will result in a canned response.

The TRS status have their own editorial department who’s sole focus is to promote professional sellers who offer exceptional value across the board. They are very big and can at times miss an opportunity to promote a seller but I definitely think these days their choices are pretty spot on.


Looking around at a few new TRS I can see that having negative reviews is not a factor.

Number one factor: Talent.

Talent shows in the reviews that ARE positive and, for example as a logo designer, in the live portfolio. To achieve TRS in a category as over represented and competitive as logos requires real talent, with prices to match, and really happy clients.

You can usually see, when you look at what TRS are providing to their clients, that there is something outstanding. It’s in the reviews. Not necessarily all the reviews are good, but generally, you will see a pattern of happiness that stands out.

Kudos to fiverr’s editors for being good at spotting real talent and rewarding it.

Or course there is tons of talent in other levels and if they could meet the analytics requirements they could possibly achieve TRS based on their talent, but there also has to be that commitment to excellence in all ways.


I hope so! I think that’s the way it should be. Along with good customer service. That makes TRS mean something.


Do you think I’m violating that rule by having a gig for headlines and a gig for teespring headlines? I think both are very different gigs.

I think you could try pausing the tee spring one (I don’t even know what that is) and then see if your rankings improve. I know that if it is in any way similar sounding that can hurt you.

I suggest to anyone to try this to see what happens if you think you may have two gigs that might be too similar to each other.

I don’t think that you’re violating the rules. One is a general gig, and the other one is just for T-shirts (a niche gig).


It’s not violating a rule. It is that it is just possible that fiverr will think they are basically offering the same thing even if they are not.

The speed with which the revenue is accumulated and returning customers/building the devoted customer base seem to be a thing. Also, the above above average stats (I got the impression that a 92%-93% completion rate is considered low-ish, for instance, and you should strive to be around 95%-98% on all fronts).


I may be wrong,but I think earning is the biggest part of becoming TRS

Anyone who wants to be a TRS should focus on the following:

-converting inquiries into sales (higher percentage the better)
-providing amazing customer support (contrary to public belief this is NOT about “the client is always right” or “always make the buyer happy”.)
-reducing the time between order activation and order review by the buyer. (I’m not talking just about a speedy delivery, but a “nailing it on the first go” or “revising asap” kind of thing)


Yes I think you are wrong.

Earning is not the most important metric for TRS selection.

The person who earns over $400,000 a year was a TRS and was demoted to level 2.

So Top Rated Seller is not the best is just a game :slight_smile:

I enjoyed reading that, I love your attitude towards it.