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Critical Fiverr Payment Error

I tried paying for a gig using 4 different forms of payment only to receive the below error. I called my bank and they said there’s literally nothing wrong with my account and an issue with the website. I put 2 support tickets in from Friverr and absolutely no response. I guess I have no options left but to leave this site. Seems like they don’t care. Up until this point, I had bought 6 ot 7 gigs and was really starting to like Fiverr.


Call your bank or payment provider for more details about the issue
Provide another method of payment

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I am sorry to hear that . Due to huge application Fiverr Support team is super busy. Better try again or later. You can ask seller for Custom offer , Lets see it works.

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Unfortunately the seller is not aware nobody can buy his gigs. I feel so bad for him, but also for myself. I want to buy his gig and can’t due to a stupid Fiver glitch. This glitch is apparently year old too. I thought customer support was to resond in 24 hours? been 2 days and counting here…

Someone mentioned they’ve responded after 5 days.

I am sorry to hear that. Try some other gigs. It will help.