Criticale issue Help me guyz


Hi Friends i am getting issue in my profile … some times before i got one order but due o family issue i was not able to deliver that order and automatically cancelled by the buyer but now i am geting notification of same order about what your experience with buyer

how i can solve it and remove that option see i attached the photos - See more at:


Family emergency or not, the buyer did not know why you did not respond - so you’re going to have to live with whatever rating you got due to the lateness and cancellation. Regarding this “to do” item you have 3 options:

  1. Rate the buyer 5 stars and say “Had a family emergency, could not deliver order” and be honorable about it
  2. Rate the buyer low (not recommended)
  3. Leave it there and wait for the new implementation of a 30 day maximum feedback window, which should then cancel the option afterwards.