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Criticism Is The Best Way To Improve Yourself!

If you are coming to the Fiverr Forum to gain insights on how to improve your gig or how to get more sales, you have to be open to the fact that your gig or your work might be criticized. People do not criticize to be insulting; they do it to help you. Instead, be grateful that they are taking time out of their day to help you when they have no obligation to do so.

Of course, we might not want to hear that we are doing something wrong, especially not if it is about something close to our heart (which our work often is). But, if you truly want to be successful on Fiverr or in life, you have to learn how to accept and apply criticism.

Do not get angry when someone criticizes your work, but use it to become even better. If you shut your ears to criticism and believe that you are already the best that can be, then you will never improve. I cannot count how many times my YouTube videos or games have been criticized (and with much harsher words than you would hear on the Fiverr Forum). But instead of crying about it, I used it to become an even better developer and creator, and I am still listening and learning every day.

I will add this great quote from the Bible that I think is good advice to follow (whether you are religious or not):

"Let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger." - James 1:19

To be able to listen, understand, and apply advice or criticism is, in my opinion, our greatest asset as Fiverr sellers. As a new (or old) seller, you have so much great advice that you can use to improve here on the forum. Use it to your advantage.

Never stop learning. Never stop improving.


I feel like this was targeted towards me due to our last conversation and I just wanna say that my ears aren’t closed to criticism. I just don’t want people to tell me that something’s wrong and then go away without telling me how to fix it.


I gave you one great fix: Be clearer about your expertise and what you are going to do to help the buyer. Bascially, to be more specific.

I will also suggest that you read the awesome and very helpful books “Principles of Marketing” by Phillip Kotler and Gary Armstrong and “Excellence in Business Communication” by John V. Thill.

Those books have helped me a lot. They can be applied to almost any work.


It’s an important attitude/asset for Fiverr sellers for sure, and can also help in other areas, off-Fiverr work life, of course, but also, in a way even more, in our private lives. Learning how to not be angry, or insulted, and deal with criticism and turn it into something positive can be hard, but very much worth it.

*Disclaimer :wink:
Of course, this being the Fiverr forum, it’s worth mentioning that it’s also important to be able to discern between appropriate and helpful criticism that’s intended to make us grow in some way, and the other kind, that’s meant to put us down and to make a seller cancel and refund an order for no other reason than wanting to steal their work, let’s call it “fake criticism”, perhaps.


@vibronx, Thank you so much! :heart:
your informative info really will help us to adapt ourselves on Fiverr as beginners.


Thank you so much for such a valuable information.


Thank You So Much… Very Helpfull Info…


This is very True:)
Initially i felt bad on responses on forum but eventually i am getting a hang of it and also answers and replies in forum always push us ahead to success.
Truth need not be pleasant to hear always but will be pleasant for your future :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! :heart:
your informative info really will help us


That’ll preach! Good stuff! It’s good to remember that folks typically aren’t out there to get you, so if you get a harsh bit of feedback, it’s only meant to be constructive!


Well said! This is one of the ways we learn and grow as individuals.

I particularly like that quote!!!


You are right said.
Thanks for share

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I appreciate it with you.
First time I don’t like criticizes. But now a day I realized that it was my mistake.
Never stop learning. Never stop improving. <3

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Yes ,you are right :slight_smile:

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