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Critics! Please, Get in Here!🗣

Hello!! I created a third gig today for Proofreading and Editing. Please, take a look and suggest how I can improve or optimize my gig.

Thank you!

Your gig image is very, very grainy.


I’ll correct that. Thank you, @humanissocial!

I think your description and title is good, but your gig tags and the image need improvement…


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I’ve uploaded a better image. About the tags, I tried to use the most basic search terms but since you’re an SEO expert and have confirmed they aren’t good enough, I’ll change the tags.

If it’s also possible to suggest a few, I’ll be very glad. <<< That is not a better image, if you have friends that can help you with good image… Do so!! even all your three gigs image not good!!

Try to search for your niche keyword and check other seller tags


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Will do so. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I think the new title image is good (bright to get attention and related to the topic).

The problem is the text that is overlaid directly on top of the busy parts of it. It makes it unreadable. Text should (preferably) have uniform color underneath it. Some cropping and editing may be required to achieve that.


I’m working on that now. Gracias!!!

She means it’s better than it was and it is. The original one was very grainy.

This one still doesn’t have the best resolution, but it’s certainly better than the original.

@Scribbler94 This kind of issue tends to happen if you create an image with dimensions that are too small. The resolution degrades when it is blown up to fulfill the dimensions of where you are placing it. Make sure your original design file meets Fiverr’s gig dimension requirements and then export that. Don’t just change the dimensions of the export file.


I created the gig images with my phone. This time, I’ll use Adobe Photoshop on my laptop. I hope it works. Thank you very much.

You know, I’m just going to be awful.

This is nothing against you. I’m really impressed by your apparent talents and I love your attitude. It is so refreshing to have a new forum user come along and clearly put their oar in… But…

I don’t think you should offer proof reading. It may just be me, but in my opinion, (and I know it sounds bizarre) writers don’t usually make good proof readers any more than poof readers make good writers.

You, (at least to me) seem to be a writer at heart. If I were you, I’d focus on offering things like manuscript editing and other kinds of writing services.

Of course, you may be exceptionally talented as a proof reader. If so carry on. I just rarely see writers offering both services together.


Still, you need to make sure the dimensions are right. That is important regardless of what you use to create it. Think of it this way. If you have an image on a rubber band and you stretch that rubber band, the image is either going to stretch or degrade regardless of how well made the rubber band is.

You can get perfect resolution with most design programs. That isn’t your issue.

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No worries, @cyaxrex, I can take the flak! :grinning: You’ve said such soothing words, thank you. Let’s call it an experiment: if the gig doesn’t do well in 3 days, I’ll replace it. Watch out for updates. Hahaa.

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Great analogy.

You guys have been so helpful!

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Thanks! Happy to help.

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