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Critics please - Need your opinion

Hey forum people! I always ask the opinion of the Forum when publishing a new gig.

I have read the text so many times I feel like I am missing something, but I would never spot it! Can you help in that?


I had a look at it. I can suggest these things:

  1. Instead of the sentence “No BOTs allowed!” or before it, add something positive that will reinforce what you DO offer. For example “100% Manually Instagram Growth” or something like that.

  2. Adding a little more design to your text won’t hurt. Some more bullet points instead of that long paragraph, some highlighted sentences etc. How it looks does play a major role in making your text appealing and attracting people to order from you.

  3. You might want to rephrase your Basic package. While you say that you manually do everything, I see there written Automatic follows and unfollows. I have no idea what that means actually (and your clients might not know as well), therefore maybe you can choose a different word?

These are my tips, I hope they help. :slight_smile:


Where it says "“No matter which package you chose, you will get…” - maybe the “chose” should be choose?

Thank you very much, I look into your suggestions and will change accordingly! You are right in every point!

whoops… yes. Correct