Critique my current gig


i would like the members of this forum to take a look at my gig and tell me how to improve on it.
i just created 1 gig because that is what i do for a living. and i am good at it.


First of all welcome to Fiverr and to the Forums! :+1:
Second, criticizing is my current hobby :smiling_imp:
Third is a question:
Why just one Gig?
I believe new sellers have the possibility to create 7? or 10? (please someone correct me here)
If you create 7/10 different Gigs, offering the same service (of course with small differences in description/key words/ Title, etc) you will statistically have more possibilities to be found and catch an order.


Besides what @weurz123 said, here are my tips:

  • since it’s a transcription gig, I would strongly recommend touching up your written English, because the way your gig description is written would put off some (or most) buyers; I know I wouldn’t want to see uncapitalized sentences as I saw in your description (starting sentences with lowercase words, or using “i” instead of the proper “I”, etc.)

  • maybe spell the description as well, such as “a client’s trust” instead of “a client trust”, use “I will provide” instead of “I would provide”

  • saying “as without you, i am nothing” sounds very awkward, like begging, and definitely puts off buyers

  • and even though it has been said on so many forum posts, maybe try adding a video of yourself, or at least a fancy slideshow presenting your gig, something to make your gig feel more alive and not so static


Creating more gigs under various categories gives you more options in Buyer’s Request.