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Critique needed

To all the creative designers on the forum, I am having issues with self assessment of my work since there is only so much a person can do to critique his own designs. I think the logos on my gig thumbnails are Okay-ish but obviously they are not good enough to get those orders coming.
I would really appreciate your insight on how to present my work better and would like to know about the ways it worked out for you in your own case.
Below is the link to my gig:


in my experience, on logo design, portfolio is ‘everything’ you need to show your skill. The rest is depend on you client preference.

I do like your portfolio, and I don’t say it that much here so now it’s just about finding your clients

I would’ve put your “gravity” logo on your main gig image (I think it’s one of the most catchy ones)
And I would’ve remove unlimited revisions from your standard package as it might get you in trouble later on


Thank you @mariashtelle1. This was uplifting. I will put it as first thumbnail and see how it goes.
I only put unlimited revisions there to stand out more but it seems like it brings more trouble than it does some good.

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Honestly, I think it is a great gig. You are providing any business or individual with a well written simple sales pitch and portfolio examples. I definitely agree with Maria in terms of unlimited revisions. I personally haven’t had a problem with it yet, but tend to see a lot of users on this forum with horror stories of buyers who abuse it. If I needed a minimalist logo, I wouldn’t be afraid to use your services.

This is original. I hope you get orders faster than me. I got my first order in 2 months. The problem is right now, there are 88515 gigs in logo design section, and it will be really hard to reach yours.

Also, here are some tips I recommend:

Hey, your gig and portfolio seems good to me, your logos are also better than alot of designers out there but I think the problem with your gig is there are thousands of other people with the same gig and title who rank higher than you, try to go for a outstanding title, something different maybe specificy the type of logo you design in the tile.

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He/she literally did so, the title is

I Will Do Creative Minimalist Logo Design

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Hi there @sheharyaranwar, wow amazing, I love your logo creations. How come you only have 1 review? Dang, you’ve should have at least 100 5-star reviews if you ask me? Keep doing your great work.

Warmly, Humberto


Almost half of the designer’s out there use the same sentence for the title what I meant for example was : I will design logo for medical industries, specify it more. Use unique keywords

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Yeah, but how could you do 90000 different entences about logo design with 5 - 12 words?

Thanks you guys. Reading your comments has really uplifted me. You are all too kind.